The Gift: A Story of Saint Onuphrius the Great

By: Stefania C. Bray

In their innocence, children have a direct way of speaking with God from their hearts. Even today, this happens. The amazing story of young St. Onuphrius will inspire your little ones to seek the Lord in all they do. ~ SCB

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  1. Una de las historias más bellas de los primeros siglos del cristianismo.
    Este libro narra la historia de como la pureza de un niño en su oracion a Dios puede obrar grandes milagros.
    El libro relata con hermosas ilustraciones lo que le sucedio a San Onofrio (siglo III- IV) con Cristo cuando era pequeño.
    Es ideal para la familia pues enseña a los niños a relacionarse en libertad con Dios, y a los adultos cómo volverse como niños.

    One of the most beautiful stories of the first centuries of Christianity.
    This book narrates a story of how the purity of a child’s prayer to God can work great miracles. The book beautifully illustrates what happened to Saint Onuphrius (III-IV century) as a child and his talks to Christ. It is excellent for the family because it teaches the children to relate freely to God, and the adults how to become like children.

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