The Gift: A Story of Saint Onuphrius the Great

By: Stefania C. Bray

In their innocence, children have a direct way of speaking with God from their hearts. Even today, this happens. The amazing story of young St. Onuphrius will inspire your little ones to seek the Lord in all they do. ~ SCB

Buy it directly from Amazon or contact Panagia Vlahernon Monastery or Annunciation Monastery.

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A Pocketful of Seeds

By: Sylvia Leontaritis

After a war evacuation leaves a young boy separated from his family, he remembers something his mother used to tell him and he prays. But does God hear his prayer?

When he crosses paths with a holy monk, he decides to accompany him on a mission from God to a strange and distant land. Along the way, seeds are planted and he learns lessons in faith, forgiveness and following his heart.


Podcast: featured on “Readings from Under the Grapevine”: